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The sun should never set on Clinton’s most beautiful landscapes. At least, that’s what we believe at Bauer Maintenance. You invest time, money and energy to create a beautiful outdoor space perfect rest and relaxation at home and at work. So, why is this space only usable during the day? Shouldn’t you be able to take advantage of it at all hours of the day? If you agree that you could be getting more use out of your residential or commercial landscape in the Clinton area, then you need to get in touch with Bauer Maintenance today.

Bauer Maintenance is an electrical contracting firm that has specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of outdoor lighting systems for commercial and residential properties all over the Clinton area. As registered and insured electricians and general admirers of the natural world, we are always happy to lend our expertise to make your existing or soon to be completed landscape even more gorgeous thanks to proper lighting techniques.

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Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Strong landscape lighting design always begins with considering how you intend to use your space. If you are interested in our residential outdoor lighting services, ask yourself if you are planning on doing a lot of entertaining in your back yard. If you are, you will most likely need good lighting on pathways, patios and decks on the property. Or do you simply want to see your home all lit up when you come home? If you are a commercial client, then you might be more interested in installing lights that serve the dual purposes of making the building beautiful and increasing its security.

To stoke the fires of your creativity, here are some design ideas to consider.

Focal Points

Choosing one or two elements you want to highlight with lighting can influence the overall design of your lighting system. For example, if you have a tree or a fountain in your landscape, you may want to call extra attention to them, making them the focal points of your design.

Sense of Depth

Depth refers to the distance the viewer’s gaze travels as they view the scene. When you adorn your walkways and flower beds with proper lighting, the viewer’s gaze is encouraged to travel down the walkways, along the flower bed until they have taken it all in. This makes people feel like they are an active participant in your landscape and can do wonders for setting an unforgettable ambiance.

Cohesion and Balance

Ultimately, your lighting design must make visual sense to residents, guests and anyone who comes across the property. Areas of light and shadows need to feel synchronized and deliberate. If plants and structures are lit out of proportion, there will be no sense of intentionality, that the placement was haphazard, diminishing the curb appeal. Cohesion and balance take practice to master, which is why we are here to help.

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