Oneonta Electrical Repair Services

Problems with your Oneonta home or business can be more than just a nuisance. Electrical problems can be a massive hazard, wreaking thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. And since no one in their right mind wants to see their home or business go up in flames due to an electrical fire. So, whenever you have something unusual happening with your electricity, it is imperative that you contact Bauer Maintenance as soon as possible.

Whenever your home or business in the Oneonta area is experiencing irregularities with its electricity, Bauer Maintenance’s reliable and insured electricians will be on-site as soon as they can to repair the issue. More and more home and business owners trust our electrical repair services whenever issues arise because they know they are always getting trusted, detail-oriented electrical repair services. Whether it’s major or minor, we will make sure that the issue is resolved for good.

So, if you have a problem with your electricity, give Bauer Maintenance a call today and we’ll find a solution to make your home or business safe again.

Common Electrical Repairs

There are a variety of different things that can go wrong with your home or business’s electrical system. For the most part, if you don’t have any experience working with electricity, it can be difficult to determine the exact nature and severity of the problem. Below are some of the most common electrical issues that Bauer Maintenance’s professionals can repair with ease.

Frequent surges. Electrical surges can be caused by anything from lightning, damaged power lines, faulty appliances and bad electrical wiring in the house. While most surges only last a microsecond, frequent surges can do serious damage to your devices and appliances. If it happens all the time, the culprit is probably an electric device connected to the grid or the wiring itself.

Circuit overloads. If your circuit breaker trips regularly, you can be relieved knowing that it’s doing its job to protect your home or business. Of course, it’s indicative that there’s something wrong. There are a number of different reasons why this could be happening, which is why our electricians can be a huge asset in troubleshooting the different possible causes until we find the right repair.

Warm outlets. When your outlets start giving off heat whenever they are in use, you have to first of all avoid plugging anything in that particular outlet and check others around the immediate vicinity for heat or burn marks. Faulty wiring and faulty outlets can easily start an electric fire, which can do serious damage to your home or business.

Strange smells. If you detect any strange burning smells around your home or business, particularly from an outlet, you need to call us immediately so that we can take a look at it before serious damage is done to your home or business.

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Attempting to do your own electrical repairs can have serious consequences. You are very likely to hurt yourself or make the situation worse, which is why you need to call Bauer Maintenance whenever you suspect there’s a problem.