Oneonta In-Floor Heating Services

What do you look for in a heating system? Obviously, the ability to provide heat should be at the top of the list, but what other criteria are you looking for? Is energy efficiency a priority? Would a heating system that made a lot of noise disqualify it from the running? How about a heating system that doesn’t aggravate your dust allergies? Or what about a heating system that doesn’t take extra space for no reason?

If you have been searching for a heating system that is energy efficient, quiet, easy on allergies and doesn’t take up space, then you have come to the right place be in-floor heating is all of these things. This amazing type of heating can be installed underneath any type of floor finish. Whether your Oneonta home or business has wood, linoleum, tile or some other type of flooring, heating cables can be installed underneath and keep your warm.

In-floor heating isn’t something you can install in your Oneonta home or business yourself in an afternoon. It requires the attention of trained professionals. So, if you want to have consistent, efficient underfoot, get in touch with Bauer Maintenance today.

Bauer Maintenance’s insured electricians have successfully installed radiant floor heating in homes and businesses all over the area to very satisfied customers. If you would like a free estimate on our in-floor heating services, just give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Installing In-Floor Heating

Normally, the best time to install in-floor heating is when you are building a home or commercial building from scratch, or you are remodeling and redoing as a part of the project. This is because in-floor heating needs to be placed underneath your flooring of choice, as the name suggests.

Consisting of thin heating cables integrated into a plastic mat, in-floor heating covers the floor space of any given room between the subfloor and the floor covering of your choice. When the cables are turned on, they work like an electric blanket to warm up the floor.

When Bauer Maintenance’s electricians are tasked with installing in-floor heating, they start by measuring the room and making a sketch to determine where the heated cables will be placed in the room. Once we have a plan in place as to where the cables need to go, we install a cement backer board over the subfloor, just like with any flooring job, and secure the mats to the cement board.

Once it’s in place, we run power to the heated floor and connect the thermostat to the floor cable, so you’ll have full control of your floor heating. And just like that, you’ll have an efficient, clean and reliable way of keeping your Oneonta home or business comfortable.

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In-floor heating is a smart investment for any home or business owner in the area. Once you have it, you won’t be able to imagine life without it. So, give Bauer Maintenance a call today to get your free estimate today.