Richfield Springs Ceiling Fan Installation Services

It’s never a bad idea to place a ceiling fan wherever people congregate. Whether you are interested in getting one installed in your Richfield Springs home or business, there is a great deal of a good a ceiling fan can do. But the only way it can do any good at all is to make sure it is installed by a trained and insured professional.

Electrical installations of any kind are extremely tricky and risky propositions if you don’t have the proper training or insurance. Playing around with your home or business’s wiring without an understanding of how it works in conjunction with the building’s infrastructure at large could increase the risk of electrical fires. And with a ceiling fan, you also have to factor in the risk of falling off a ladder.

Overall, ceiling fan installations, like any residential or commercial job, should be reserved for professional electricians. And if you want to work with an electrician that has helped install both residential and commercial ceiling fans in the Richfield Springs area, get in touch with Bauer Maintenance today.

Bauer Maintenance is a group of proud tradespeople committed to quality workmanship no matter the size or scope of the job we have been contracted for. It is thanks to our electricians’ dedication to their chosen profession that we have been able to grow into one of the most reliable and affordable electrical companies in the area. For the highest quality ceiling fan installation services in the Richfield Springs area, get in touch with us today.

Why Install a Ceiling Fan?

Most people in the Richfield Springs area aren’t aware of the benefits that await when they get a ceiling fan installed in their home or business. They tend to think that the only thing a ceiling fan could do for them is cool their building down. And since purchasing a regular fan doesn’t require any additional installation beyond plugging it in and switching it on, why wouldn’t why they opt for the path of least resistance?

The answer is ceiling fans can do so much more than keep your home or business’s temperature from rising out of control. Some of the popular benefits you should know about include:

Energy Savings

If you have been spending too much money on air conditioning during the summer months, a ceiling fan could help reduce the amount of energy you are expending to cool your home. A ceiling fan provides additional circulation of cool air, which means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature down.

It can also work to keep your home warm in winter months. Hot air generated by your heater will collect near the ceiling since heat rises. A ceiling fan can push the hot air back down to the ground.

Both take the strain off your home or business’s heater and air conditioner, saving you energy in the future.


With a huge selection of sizes and styles to choose form, you can give your home or business a mini-makeover by adding a ceiling fan.

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