Richfield Springs Rewiring Services

Things wear out with the passage of time and your Richfield Springs home or business’s wiring is no exception. As your wiring ages and starts to break down, the bigger threat it poses to your residential or commercial building and everyone who occupies it. Rather than continue to test your luck it’s worth your while to get Bauer Maintenance’s rewiring services.

For the last several years, Bauer Maintenance has been proud to provide high-quality and efficient rewiring services to residential and commercial clients in the Richfield Springs area. The reason people continue to seek out Bauer Maintenance’s insured electricians whenever they need rewiring services is largely due to the fact that our dedication to our profession has garnered a reputation for being the best. And the best is exactly what you can expect when you choose Bauer Maintenance for our rewiring services.

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Signs You Need Bauer Maintenance’s Rewiring Services

If you have never had to rewire your Richfield Springs home or business, it can be difficult to know whether or not you could benefit from our rewiring services. And since you don’t want the smoke alarm going off in the middle of the night because of an electrical fire, here is what you need to look out for. If any one or more of the symptoms below describe your home or business, give Bauer Maintenance a call immediately.

Frequent blown fuses or tripped breakers. While there a couple of different explanations for why your home or business’s fuses are getting blown or the breakers tripped regularly, it usually indicative of a worn out electrical system or one that can’t handle the amount of electricity your various appliances and devices are demanding to operate.

Buzzing or sizzling sounds in your wiring or outlets. This is a surefire sign that you are overdue for a rewiring. As soon as you hear buzzing, call Bauer Maintenance.

Loose outlets. If plugs wiggle and fall out of electrical outlets, it’s about time you upgrade to modern outlets, which are included in most cases of rewiring.

The building is over 40 years old. If you live in an older home or work in an older building, the existing electrical system is very likely wearing out. It is very possible that the existing system relies on aluminum wires instead of copper, which means your system is not adequately equipped to meet modern energy demands, increasing the risk of fire and shock.

You only have two-pronged outlets. All of your outlets should be grounded, i.e., three-pronged, to reduce the threat of electrocution. If you only have two-pronged outlets, it is high time you get rewired and upgraded.

Burning smell. Burned or overheated wires give off a noticeable burning odor and it won’t be long before a fire breaks out.

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