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There is electricity flowing throughout your Richfield Springs home and business at all times. The standard designated flow of electricity is about 120 volts. Whenever there is an increase in voltage that substantially exceeds the 120 volts it’s considered to be a power surge. Power surges are something you need to be aware of because you don’t want it to be the reason your Richfield Springs home or business burns down.

Thankfully, Bauer Maintenance is here to help make sure that power surges don’t pose a threat to your residential or commercial property and all the important electrical things like computers, phones, stereos, TVs, microwaves and more. For the most part, Richfield Springs home and business owners think that the only protection they need against power surges lie in plugging in power strips. A surge above the designated level causes the surge protector to automatically redirect the extra electricity into the grounding wire attached to the outlet, which returns the voltage to the normal when using a power strip, but it doesn’t offer the best protection.

If you want to make sure that your home or business is protected against even the biggest power surges, then you need to call Bauer Maintenance today and ask for a free estimate on our surge protection services. For the last several years, Richfield Springs home and business owners have trusted our team of insured electricians to provide the protection they need against power surges. Don’t incur any unnecessary, completely avoidable losses when you invest in surge protection.

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The Best Surge Protection in Richfield Springs

If you want your home or business to be protected against surges, it requires a two-pronged approach. First, a whole-house suppressor to tame the big, dangerous power spikes and an individual surge suppressor for vulnerable appliances and electronic devices. Both types act like pressure-relief valves but for electricity.

Whole-house suppressors are hard-wired to the service panel, which rarely takes our electricians longer than two hours to wire to the service panel. When the whole-house suppressor works in tandem with the surge protecting power strips around your home or business, you should be able to plug in your electronics with confidence that the wiring in the walls isn’t going to overheat or fry your valuable electronics.

When we are tasked with equipping a home or business with surge protection, we begin by thoroughly inspecting every inch of your electrical systems. By doing this, we are able to locate any current problems and provide maintenance to problem areas. When we find that your electrical system is vulnerable, or that the surge protector already in place is past its best before date, we will apply our many years of experience to provide a long lasting, affordable solution.

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